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EDIA for Leaders in Planetary Science: A Pilot Workshop

Presentation #214.05 in the session Workforce and the State of Our Profession (iPosters).

Published onOct 20, 2022
EDIA for Leaders in Planetary Science: A Pilot Workshop

The critical importance of EDIA (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility) in the science workforce is gaining increasing, open recognition. Inclusion is one of NASA’s 5 core values ( and NASA recognizes “the critical importance and value of DEIA for our entire workforce” ( Our workshop, “EDIA for Leaders in Planetary Science” will provide leaders with the basic information, networks, resources, and understanding to effectively engage with EDIA topics, join conversations, and make concrete, positive changes in their professional spheres. This workshop is designed for planetary scientists in leadership roles such as mission and instrument PIs (and future PIs), department chairs, institute directors, and group leaders of all kinds, including early career. This is a pilot workshop where we will be determining the efficacy of different approaches for participants to engage with and become conversant with best practices in EDIA. We will cover subjects ranging from ethics, through concepts of changing paradigms, to new NASA requirements such as Inclusion Plans. As a pilot of a series of workshops, we will be asking our participants for their feedback and input towards creating subsequent workshops. For further information and participant application please visit our website NASA #80NSSC18K1054

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