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Dynamics of the Geminid meteor shower

Presentation #305.01 in the session Meteoroids and Meteors.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Dynamics of the Geminid meteor shower

Meteoroids have peculiar dynamics owing to their relatively high non-gravitational forces and their multiple close encounters. When a meteoroid stream meets with the Earth, a meteor shower is produced.

Today more than 900 meteor showers are listed by the IAU, meaning a large number of comet-like parent bodies existed in the Earth vicinity in the near past (1-100kyrs). This raises the question of the authenticity of these showers. To tackle this, we aim to better understand the dynamical evolution of meteoroids, which can be done by drawing chaos maps.

We drew chaos maps on the well-know Geminid meteor shower. Those maps reveal several dynamical aspects of the meteoroid stream. First, the influence of some mean-motion resonances will be described. The effect of non-gravitational forces, relatively to the mean-motion resonances, will also be discussed. Finally, I will present interesting insights the maps provide us with about the evolution of the stream and its shower.

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