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The population of VHE Gamma-Ray sources

Presentation #100.20 in the session AGN.

Published onJul 01, 2023
The population of VHE Gamma-Ray sources

We present a shallow hemispheric survey of VHE (E > 100 GeV) Gamma-ray sources and discuss statistical properties of the catalog resulting from the Galactic and extragalactic subsets of the survey. We compare statistical results to those obtained from catalogs derived from smaller area surveys at heterogeneous survey limits. Number densities at different flux limits are compared to corresponding results obtained at lower energies from Fermi-LAT data. The actual number densities of VHE sources do not match expectations derived from spectral extrapolations and and redhift distributions of Fermi-LAT sources. We also predict number-densities expected from deeper surveys that will be obtained with future instruments that benefit from enhanced sensitivity and survey capabilities.

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