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Particle Acceleration in Multimessenger & MeV Blazars

Presentation #100.36 in the session AGN.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Particle Acceleration in Multimessenger & MeV Blazars

Blazars jet acceleration processes are currently disputed. In order to study particle acceleration in this environment, we have to approach it through the high-energy emission processes, which contribute an additional layer of uncertainty. What has become clear is that understanding either side of the high-energy acceleration and cooling equation requires simulating both processes accurately in the particle population. Recent measurements in X-ray polarization and coincident neutrinos point toward shock acceleration and leptohadronic composition for at least some blazars. Thus, I present some theoretical models that treat these cases for a sample of MeV bright and Multimessenger blazars relevant for the AMEGO-X mission concept and future MeV missions.

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