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Joint FERMI-AGILE Analysis of Bright Blazar Flares

Presentation #100.88 in the session AGN.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Joint FERMI-AGILE Analysis of Bright Blazar Flares

Using a new code, we carry out a systematic joint FERMI-AGILE re-analysis of the brightest GeV gamma-ray flares observed in blazars. The goal is to reach down to sub-day timescales and robustly probe and characterize the rapid variability (extending down to sub-hour timescales in some cases) that seems to be a common feature of these flares. Where possible, we will compare the observed behavior to that seen in simultaneous NIR/optical and TeV observations. Our preliminary results indicate that the correlations often seen between GeV variability and the variability at other energies actually break down on timescales shorter than a day. If true, this poses a challenge for current emission models.

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