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The Ongoing Off-Axis Merger in the Disrupted Cool Core Cluster Abell 1763

Presentation #101.30 in the session Galaxy Clusters/Large Scale Structures.

Published onJul 01, 2023
The Ongoing Off-Axis Merger in the Disrupted Cool Core Cluster Abell 1763

We present an analysis of 94 ks of Chandra observations of the massive galaxy cluster Abell 1763. The system displays a large spiral pattern in the surface brightness distribution of its intracluster medium (ICM) that extends out to ~850 kpc from the cluster center. Such spiral shaped surface brightness excesses in the ICM are typically observed in systems with sloshing strong cool cores set into motion by off-axis subcluster infall. However, the cool core in A1763 appears to have been severely disrupted and displaced from the cluster center either during the initial spiral formation infall event or in subsequent infall event(s) occurring on an already sloshing core. A1763 is currently experiencing a high velocity off-axis merger with a subcluster located a projected distance of 750 kpc to the southwest of the primary cluster’s center. Our analysis reveals merger shocks and cold fronts not previously detected in shallower observations of the cluster, providing insight into the complex dynamical state of the system. Timelines for large scale spiral formation and cool core disruption are discussed, as is the role that off-axis mergers may play in the formation of non-cool core clusters.

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