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A NICER Interactive Archive Explorer

Presentation #103.65 in the session Missions and Instruments.

Published onJul 01, 2023
A NICER Interactive Archive Explorer

NICER is the premier soft X-ray timing instrument in the sky. We have developed a web data portal, presently undergoing testing but slated for public release, for all NICER’s public data. This web-portal interface to NICER’s archive streamlines data navigation, whether for an individual source or for a class of sources. Event screening, detector selection, and background generation are all automated, and various optimization options are available based on the behavior of a particular source or the science aim. Quicklook data summaries and plots are available to easily identify behavior of interest or to interactively explore the archive, and on-the-fly data filtering (e.g., based on color or intensity) is possible. For all of the data, analysis-ready NICER light curves, spectra, and power-density spectra are available. Our aim is to improve access to NICER’s rich data archive and allow scientists to easily find and fetch science-ready data. We present several example use-cases while providing an overview of the website’s present and in-development capabilities.

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