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The high-speed X-ray camera on AXIS

Presentation #103.72 in the session Missions and Instruments.

Published onJul 01, 2023
The high-speed X-ray camera on AXIS

AXIS is a Probe-class mission concept that will provide high-throughput, high spatial resolution X-ray spectral imaging, enabling transformational studies of high-energy phenomena in an era of multi-messenger astrophysics. To take advantage of the advanced optics, the AXIS focal plane requires detectors with readout rates at least 20 times faster than previous soft X-ray imaging spectrometers flying aboard missions such as Chandra and Suzaku, while retaining the low noise, excellent spectral performance, and low power requirements of those instruments. We present the design of the AXIS high-speed X-ray camera, which baselines large-format MIT Lincoln Lab CCDs combined with an integrated high-speed, low-noise ASIC readout chip under development at Stanford University. We highlight the current performance of this technology, reviewing recent technological improvements that will meet our science requirements and enable AXIS to achieve world-class science results.

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