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Silicon-carbide grids for microcalorimeter thermal baffles

Presentation #110.06 in the session LEM.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Silicon-carbide grids for microcalorimeter thermal baffles

Traditional microcalorimeter grids, made from silicon, can suffer from being brittle and inducing temperature gradients across their surface. This research attempts to address these issues through the fabrication of microcalorimeter grids using silicon carbide as the material. SiC has been shown to have improved temperature uniformity and strength compared with silicon, which will help to mitigate these known risks to future microcalorimeters. SiC grids have been developed and are being tested with vibration loads up to the NASA GEVS standard of 14.7 g rms. Optical inspection of the grids before and after vibration will show if the meshes can withstand standard launch vibration loads, allowing for the development of grids of size and open area to be used on the Athena X-IFU and LEM X-ray probe study.

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