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Transient Imaging with the STAR-X Ultraviolet Telescope (UVT)

Presentation #112.04 in the session STAR-X.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Transient Imaging with the STAR-X Ultraviolet Telescope (UVT)

STAR-X is a MidEx mission proposed to NASA that is currently in a Phase A concept study phase. Consisting of co-aligned X-ray and ultraviolet (UV) telescopes, STAR-X is designed to conduct time-domain surveys of both galactic and extragalactic sources, while also rapidly responding to transient detections by other observatories. The UV telescope (UVT) supports the STAR-X science as a five-band far- (FUV; 160 - 200 nm) and near-UV (NUV; 200 - 400 nm) imager with a square degree field-of-view at less than 4 arcsecond average resolution. This poster outlines the UVT instrument design and capabilities in the context of the STAR-X science program. The STAR-X UVT is led by the University of Colorado (CU) Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP).

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