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The XRISM Science Data Center

Presentation #114.01 in the session XRISM.

Published onJul 01, 2023
The XRISM Science Data Center

The X-Ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission, XRISM, is scheduled to launch in May with the objective of building on the brief, but significant, successes of the ASTRO-H (Hitomi) mission in solving outstanding astrophysical questions using high resolution X-ray spectroscopy. The XRISM Science Operations Team (SOT) consists of the JAXA-led Science Operations Center (SOC) and NASA-led Science Data Center (SDC), which work together to optimize the scientific output from the Resolve high-resolution spectrometer and the Xtend wide-field imager through planning and scheduling of observations, processing and distribution of data, development and distribution of software tools and the calibration database (CaldB), support of ground and in-flight calibration, and support of XRISM users in their scientific investigations of the energetic universe. We present an overview of SDC activities, status, and plans with an emphasis on implementation of the XRISM processing pipeline, and data reduction and analysis tools. The Resolve instrument poses particular challenges due to its unprecedented combination of high spectral resolution and throughput, broad spectral coverage, and arcminute spatial resolution combined with relatively small field-of-view and large pixel-size. We highlight those challenges and how they are being addressed.

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