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Neutrino Emission from Stars

Presentation #115.20 in the session Multi-Messenger Astrophysics.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Neutrino Emission from Stars

In the coming decade a new generation of multi-purpose detectors will probe the sky for currently undetected astrophysical neutrino sources. The main scientific goal of this work is to provide stellar targets for current and future neutrino detectors. We evolve a set of non-rotating stellar models from pre-main sequence to final fate in the mass range M = [0.2, 150] M⊙ with metallicities of Z = [10−3, 10−2, 10−1, 1, 2] Z⊙ using the MESA stellar evolution software instrument. We explore the total neutrino and photonic emissions from stars of varying mass, metallicity, and stellar age by revisiting stellar evolution in a photon and neutrino H-R diagram. We integrate our results with modern initial mass functions and place predictions on the total neutrino and photonic emissions from simple stellar populations versus age. Our results are presented to aid in calculations of the galactic and cosmic stellar neutrino background signal.

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