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The X-ray Stellar Cycle of Proxima Cen

Presentation #116.64 in the session Stellar/Compact Objects.

Published onJul 01, 2023
The X-ray Stellar Cycle of Proxima Cen

Stellar cycles in fully convective M stars were generally thought to be impossible until a few years ago, when ~8 examples were discovered from analysis of ASAS photometric monitoring data. Proxima Cen (dM5.5) was one of those stars, and also had (limited) supporting evidence for a cycle from Swift observations in the X-ray and UV, where emission is more directly tied to magnetic activity cycles (in contrast to spot/plage countereffects in photometry) and displays much larger cycle amplitudes. With several additional years of data, now spanning 8 epochs over more than 12 years, we find that an ~8-year cycle is clearly apparent in both X-rays and the UVOT/W1 band, and provide an update on the previously suggested association of X-ray cycle amplitude with Rossby number.

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