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The early afterglow of the nearby GRB 190829A

Presentation #117.27 in the session Time-Domain Astrophysics.

Published onJul 01, 2023
The early afterglow of the nearby GRB 190829A

We studied the emission properties of the fourth closest long GRB ever detected by Swift GRB 190829A. Through our multi-wavelength analysis which include the data obtained from the Neil Gehrels Swift observatory, optical data from the MASTER global network of telescopes, and radio data from ALMA and ATCA we derived information about the prompt emission and afterglow properties. The study of the optical images obtained during the early afterglow allow us to put a limit on the linear polarization of the emission disfavoring possible off-axis models. The study of the multi-wavelength light curves together with the observed spectral evolution support a double component scenario formed by a forward and a reverse shock. Combined studies of the prompt and afterglow emission indicates that this GRB shares similar properties of other cosmological long GRBs although it is characterized by a lower luminosity/energetic.

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