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Neutrino Astronomy: Overview and Future Prospects

Presentation #203.05 in the session MeV and friends: Gamma-ray astronomy in the context of time-domain and multi-messenger science.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Neutrino Astronomy: Overview and Future Prospects

Astrophysical neutrinos hold the key to uncovering cosmic-ray accelerators in the universe. The observation of a diffuse flux of a TeV—PeV neutrinos by IceCube over the last decade, and recent evidence for a steady point source NGC1068 has put neutrino astronomy on the map for the future. Resolving the diffuse neutrino sky will require not only an improved sensitivity on part of IceCube and its successor neutrino detectors, but also complementary measurements in gamma rays ranging from the MeV to PeV energies. I will present some highlights from IceCube's searches for the sources of neutrinos that leverage multi-wavelength data, and discuss some potential avenues of joint measurements between neutrinos and MeV gamma-ray missions in the future.

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