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ixpeobssim showcase: IXPE view of the Crab Nebula

Presentation #207.04 in the session X-ray Polarimetry Results and Opportunities.

Published onJul 01, 2023
ixpeobssim showcase: IXPE view of the Crab Nebula

ixpeobssim is a simulation and analysis framework specifically developed for the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE). Given a source model—which includes morphological, temporal, spectral and polarimetric information—and the response functions of the telescopes, it is designed to produce fast and realistic simulated observations. The generated output files, in the form of event lists in FITS format, contain a strict superset of the information included in the publicly released IXPE data products. The core simulation capabilities are complemented by a full suite of post-processing applications, enabling the implementation of complex, polarization-aware analysis pipelines and facilitating the interoperability with the standard visualization and analysis tools traditionally used by the X-ray community, including XSPEC and 3ML. In this contribution, I will present an overview of the basic architecture of the software, using the Crab Nebula as a showcase for its capabilities to process and analyze IXPE data.

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