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STAR-X X-ray and UV Surveys Design

Presentation #208.04 in the session The Proposed STAR-X Explorer Mission: Opportunities for the HEAD Community to Explore the Fast, Furious and Forming Universe with Simultaneous UV and X-ray Observations.

Published onJul 01, 2023
STAR-X X-ray and UV Surveys Design

STAR-X will be an extremely powerful surveys mission, providing unprecedented X-ray and UV volumetric survey speed packaged in an agile spacecraft. Its surveys will illuminate the growth modes of the first supermassive black holes (SMBHs),obscured SMBH growth/feedback through the era of galaxy assembly, extreme SMBH accretion physics, novel X-ray transients, high-redshift clusters, and protoclusters. I will describe the scientifically motivated design of the STAR-X X-ray/UV time-domain public surveys, including its planned 12 deg2 Deep Survey (daily cadence) and 300 deg2 Medium-Deep Survey (weekly cadence). The STAR-X Deep Survey will likely be substantially sited in the prime parts of the Rubin LSST Deep-Drilling Fields (DDFs), thereby benefiting from superb contemporaneous optical-NIR LSST monitoring as well as unmatched multiwavelength supporting data. The Medium-Deep Survey will likely be sited in several well-studied survey fields (e.g., the DDFs, EDF-N, Roman Deep Fields, XBootes, eFEDS, Stripe 82). Since the STAR-X surveys are intended to be a broadly valuable community resource, community feedback will be solicited in finalizing the survey design. More information about STAR-X, including the full team list, is available at

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