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Quasar Winds and their Interaction with the ISM at High-z

Presentation #300.01 in the session Galactic Winds, Outflows, and AGN Feedback.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Quasar Winds and their Interaction with the ISM at High-z

We present results from a comprehensive study of ultrafast outflows (UFOs) detected in a sample of fourteen quasars near the peak of the AGN and star formation activity. Our study adds six new detections (> 99% confidence) of UFOs at z > 1.4, almost doubling the current number of cases. Based on our survey, the coexistence of intrinsic UV NALs and UFOs is found to be significant in > 83% of quasars, suggesting a link between multiphase AGN feedback properties of the meso- and micro-scale. The kinematic luminosities of the UFOs of our high-z sample are large compared to their bolometric luminosities (median of LK/LBol > 50%). This suggests they provide efficient feedback to influence the evolution of their host galaxies and that magnetic driving may be a significant contributor to their acceleration. Our spatial analysis of Chandra observations of several gravitationally lensed quasars of our sample show partial X-ray Einstein rings. These Einstein rings are signatures of extended X-ray emission, likely arising from the interaction of the UFOs with the interstellar medium.

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