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X-ray Outflows in AGN and the future with XRISM

Presentation #300.02 in the session Galactic Winds, Outflows, and AGN Feedback.

Published onJul 01, 2023
X-ray Outflows in AGN and the future with XRISM

Astronomers have known for decades that the growth of black holes through the inflow of gas releases copious amounts of energy. What we do not understand is how gas inflow leads to the production of the relativistic jets, massive outflows and intense radiation that can affect the host galaxy on scales billions of times larger than the black hole event horizon. In this talk, I will present new results on the study of AGN outflows probed in the X-ray and UV, as part of the AGN STORM 2 Campaign of Mrk 817. Such high-cadence spectroscopic campaigns are providing unprecedented understanding on the nature and evolution of outflows in the close proximity of the AGN. Moreover, our view of AGN outflows is soon to be revolutionized with the upcoming launch of the XRISM Observatory later this year. I will discuss the big science questions of the mission, and how our Performance Verification targets will address these major science questions.

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