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Modeling the Multi-Messenger Emission from Ultra-Fast Outflows

Presentation #300.05 in the session Galactic Winds, Outflows, and AGN Feedback.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Modeling the Multi-Messenger Emission from Ultra-Fast Outflows

Interpreting observations of AGN-driven ultra-fast outflows (UFOs) and other astrophysical shocks requires a detailed understanding of particle acceleration. These accelerated particles, or cosmic rays, are responsible for non-thermal emission that extends from radio to gamma-rays and are a source of cosmic neutrinos. In this talk I will review the current paradigm of shock acceleration and present a fast, multi-zone modeling framework that self-consistently incorporates findings from state-of-the-art kinetic simulations. I will then use this model to reproduce the gamma-ray emission from a stacked sample of UFOs observed by Fermi-LAT. Finally, I will introduce how we can use this framework to model neutrino emission and discuss UFOs as potential multi-messenger targets.

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