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The Chandra X-ray Galaxy Catalog with CSC2

Presentation #404.03 in the session The Chandra Source Catalog version 2.1: New Avenues for Discovery in X-ray Datasets.

Published onJul 01, 2023
The Chandra X-ray Galaxy Catalog with CSC2

We utilized the Chandra source catalog (CSC2) to build the most extensive and well-characterized X-ray Galaxy Catalog (XGC). We cross-correlated the ~317,000 X-ray sources in CSC2 with major all-sky surveys to classify normal (non-AGN) galaxies. The XGC includes ~10,000 normal galaxies with related multiwavelength data, from radio to X-ray. We apply multiple catalog information simultaneously - X-ray luminosities, X-ray to optical flux ratios, WISE IR color, etc. together to build a clean galaxy sample with the least possible source contamination. With the XGC we revisit X-ray scaling relations of galaxies, measure their X-ray luminosity functions (XLFs), and investigate these properties across mass, redshift, and morphological type. The large sample of the XGC allows us to investigate rare types of galaxies, such as XBONGs and E+A galaxies.

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