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Modelling the Internal Evolution of Barred Galaxies

Presentation #101.01 in the session Galaxy Dynamics 1: Spirals and Bars.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Modelling the Internal Evolution of Barred Galaxies

Simulations of barred galaxies give us insights into bar-driven internal evolution that separates stellar populations spatially and kinematically but requires sufficient resolution to realistically resolve bars and their dynamics. Cosmological simulations, from which we can obtain a large sample of self-consistent barred galaxies, are now reaching resolutions where such processes reproduce observed trends within the bulge regions of galaxies in the local universe. I will present our results from the high-resolution run of the IllustrisTNG project, TNG50, where we explore a generalized understanding of bar-driven evolution in a cosmological setting and compare our findings with theory, isolated models and observations.

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