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Natural Constants as Properties of Quantized Spacetime Structure

Presentation #101.05 in the session Cosmology.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Natural Constants as Properties of Quantized Spacetime Structure

At AAS236 and AAS237 meetings, we presented two Iposters in which we introduced the concept of Structural Units (S.U.) as an alternative unit system to our International System (S.I.), based in the Structure of the Spacetime. In this new Iposter, we will focus on Lederman’s idea that the calculated value of the Fine Structure constant remains the same, regardless of the unit system used to describe physical phenomena. Following this reasoning, the equivalence between two different unit systems, such as S.I. and S.U., can be checked and reproduced in two ways.

Firstly, by using dimensional analysis to convert from one system of units to another. Secondly, by checking the coincidence in the values of dimensionless numbers, as the proportionality relationship would be preserved independent of the unit system.

Therefore, we present a table of equivalences with several Natural constants values in S.I. and S.U. to check its complete equivalence with some examples. It’s important to note that the values of the different Natural constants in S.I. are provided by CODATA (Committee on Data for Science and Technology), all of which were determined through experimental data, while in Structural Units, its values are deduced from classical physics equations and the Spacetime quantization used to perform the calculations, showing a strong connection among all of them.

In conclusion, this manuscript provides evidence that the equivalence between S.I. and S.U. can be established using either dimensional analysis or the coincidence in dimensionless numbers, and presents a table of equivalences based on classical physics equations and Spacetime quantization. If proven compatible, Structural Units could become a powerful tool in our research, as directly defines how Spacetime is quantized.

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