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Astro Ecology activity in Mongolia

Presentation #106.04 in the session Engaging Audiences through Effective Engagement Strategies and Inclusion.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Astro Ecology activity in Mongolia

The purpose of our activity “ Astro Ecology” is to explore potential positive impacts of Astro-tourism and tree planting for Environment Protection in the Gobi Desert, and for wellbeing.

We will organize “ Astro Ecology” workshop on 20-24 May in Gobi desert of Mongolia. The Workshop contributes to the global battle against desertification. The percentage of forest is decreasing annually, causing environmental issues for our society and planet. Recently, a nationwide movement has been launched, “to plant 1 billion trees by 2030,” as a part of Mongolia’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as well as a way to address the problems of desertification, deforestation, and food insecurity. To plant trees in a semi-desert area is one of the main activities for the Astro Ecology activity. Therefore, we have decided to organize this exciting Astro-Ecology activity with researchers, international scientists, local people and tourists on the Gobi forest plantation, and engage in reforestation bi-annually in Mongolia (May and September).

The workshop includes invited lecture presentations with inspiration of the night sky. Participants will explore the impacts of understanding the vastness of the universe, and our participation and role as co-creators in it, on human nature. This talk aims to distribute astro ecology activity among astronomers in the world.

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