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The X-ray Binary Populations in the Nearby Spiral Galaxy IC 342

Presentation #120.05 in the session Stellar Evolution and Stellar Populations.

Published onJul 01, 2023
The X-ray Binary Populations in the Nearby Spiral Galaxy IC 342

We investigate the X-ray binary populations in the nearby spiral galaxy IC 342 by identifying optical counterparts to X-ray point sources. Utilizing Chandra Space Telescope observations, we detect 201 X-ray point sources across the majority of the galaxy’s visible disk. To achieve high-quality source classification, we combine F435W and F606W Hubble Space Telescope observations of the galaxy’s inner region, which enables us to pinpoint optical counterpart candidates. For the classification of the 71 X-ray sources within the Hubble field, we meticulously examine optical images and create color-magnitude diagrams of the surrounding area. Our findings include 30 high-mass X-ray binaries, with 20 of them classified confidently, and 33 low-mass X-ray binaries. In our initial analysis, we observe varying outcomes in luminosity functions and galaxy scaling relations based on the accuracy of source classifications, which we plan to refine in future research. Consistent with previous studies, our results indicate that the quality of source classification and the existence of ultraluminous X-ray sources can lead to substantial stochastic fluctuations in the canonical high-mass X-ray binary scaling relations.

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