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High-resolution Mid-infrared spectra of V883 Ori with EXES/SOFIA

Presentation #202.03 in the session Star Formation.

Published onJul 01, 2023
High-resolution Mid-infrared spectra of V883 Ori with EXES/SOFIA

We present R=14000 (22 km/s) spectra of the FU Orionis source, V883 Ori at 5.7um and 6.7um observed with EXES on SOFIA.

We detect more than 20 fully-resolved H2O lines in absorption which we attribute to a disk atmosphere that has been viscously heated through rapid accretion. We expect the mid-IR continuum of V883 Ori to arise from a range of disk radii that are in Keplerian rotation. The water lines we observe have different widths and cannot be fit by a single temperature, which is probably because the lines form over a range of radii. We present preliminary derivations of the radial profiles of temperature and H2O abundance.

These observations offer the most detailed view ever of H2O in an FU Ori disk and will be a unique and valuable resource for interpreting the spectra of FU Ori sources taken in the future with JWST/MIRI, which will provide much broader spectral coverage but 4x lower spectral resolution.

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