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Simulations of neutron-rich ejecta of supernova remnant 3C 397.

Presentation #205.02 in the session Planetary Nebulae, Supernova Remnants.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Simulations of neutron-rich ejecta of supernova remnant 3C 397.

Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) are thought to originate from the thermonuclear explosion of white dwarfs. Type Ia SNe serve as standardizable candles for measuring cosmological distances and enrich the interstellar medium with iron group and intermediate mass elements. Recent X-ray observations of the near-Chandrasekhar mass (near-MCh) SN Ia remnant (SNR) 3C 397 from XMM-Newton show clumps rich in Ti and Cr in the southern region of the remnant, and are indicative of high degrees of neutronization. These nucleosynthetic yields point towards a near-Chandrasekhar mass (near-MCh) white dwarf with high central density ~ 5 x 109g/cm3 as the stellar progenitor for 3C 397. In this poster, we present the isotopic abundance distribution and global abundances from 2D hydrodynamical simulations of high central density near-MCh SNe Ia, with both deflagration-to-detonation and pure deflagration models, and compare these against the recent XMM-Newton observations.

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