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A Year of Open Science

Presentation #209.01 in the session “The What and Why of Open Science”.

Published onJul 01, 2023
A Year of Open Science

The White House has announced 2023 as a Year Of Open Science, a multi-agency initiative across the federal government to spark change and inspire open science engagement through events and activities that will advance open science policy, practices, and procedures. Open science increases access to knowledge and expands opportunities for new voices to participate. Sharing the data, code, and knowledge associated with the scientific process lowers barriers to entry for historically-underrepresented communities, enables findings to be more easily reproduced, and generates new knowledge at scale. Success, however, depends on all of us working to change the frameworks from which we operate.

We invite the AAS community to join us in a Year of Open Science as we challenge the old norms of scientific research and create a community which designs its scientific endeavors to be open from the start.

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