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NASA and Open Science

Presentation #209.02 in the session “The What and Why of Open Science”.

Published onJul 01, 2023
NASA and Open Science

The Astrophysics Division is an enthusiastic enabler of Open Science for our community. We have created an Astrophysics Scientific Information Management Policy to provide guidance on details of the implementation of SPD-41a (the Scientific Information Policy for the Science Mission Directorate) to the scientific information produced by Astrophysics Division funded activities. An Astrophysics Science Platform is in development to enable science characterized by large, multi-archive data volumes and complex analyses, accelerate analyses by providing optimized environments for non-experts, and enable ‘big-data’ workflows on single missions for novices and experts. Data from some archives is already available in the cloud. We are also engaged in multiple efforts to define and design the data and computing architecture that will be needed to optimize science productivity in the bold new world of open science.

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