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Flagstaff Street Lighting Engineering Standards

Presentation #216.03 in the session Recent Successes in Dark Skies Preservation: Flagstaff and Beyond (1).

Published onJul 01, 2023
Flagstaff Street Lighting Engineering Standards

Engineering standards for Dark Skies roadway lighting in Flagstaff have been evolving since our first code was developed in 1989. I will give a brief review of the thought process behind the latest updated engineering standards for roadway lighting that transitions from Low Pressure Sodium to LEDs. This process was influenced by the ongoing development of the technology behind LEDs. The City procured off the shelf and custom fixtures that were installed in test strips along various corridors and neighborhoods. These tests were used to solicit public, municipal and professional feedback. Ultimately the tests and interactions with manufacturers shaped the engineering standards that were developed for Flagstaff.

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