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Dark Skies Code Enforcement

Presentation #216.05 in the session Recent Successes in Dark Skies Preservation: Flagstaff and Beyond (1).

Published onJul 01, 2023
Dark Skies Code Enforcement

Once effective Lighting Codes have been crafted and enacted, an equally important aspect of preserving dark skies is meaningful enforcement of those codes. Lighting Code enforcement is often thought of as impractical for many reasons, but with innovative tools, training and a proactive approach, local jurisdictions can have a significant impact on compliance. I will give an overview of how Lighting Code enforcement is carried out in the Flagstaff/Coconino County area and discuss how some of the common objections to good outdoor lighting and Code enforcement are dealt with. Attractive, efficient, and Code-compliant LED-based lighting is now widely available, the use of which needs to be captured in good Lighting Codes.

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