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NASA and the Upcoming Solar Eclipses

Presentation #221.01 in the session Education and Public Engagement for Upcoming Eclipses and Community Scientists.

Published onJul 01, 2023
NASA and the Upcoming Solar Eclipses

Where will you be April 8th, 2024? The next total solar eclipse across America - longer in duration AND more easily accessible than the 2017 eclipse – is only 10 months away. Thirty million people, from Texas to Maine, live along the path of the totality, and another 100 million live within a few hours’ drive. This is one of the biggest opportunities for scientists and educators to engage the public in astronomy., and we need your help! NASA is working with AAS, NOAA, NSF, other federal agencies, academic institutions, and communities nationwide to coordinate efforts for both the 2024 total eclipse and the 2023 annular solar eclipse in October 2023 that goes through the Southwest US. Volunteers and subject matter experts are needed to ensure the critical science and safety messages are shared far and wide. At this session, we will share NASA’s plans and priorities for the eclipses, highlight the NASA-funded studies during the eclipse, and discuss opportunities for the scientific community to get involved during both celestial phenomena.

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