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The Southern Wide-field Gamma-ray Observatory (SWGO)

Presentation #224.01 in the session Ground-Based Instrumentation.

Published onJul 01, 2023
The Southern Wide-field Gamma-ray Observatory (SWGO)

The Southern Wide-field Gamma-ray Observatory (SWGO) will be the first wide-field gamma-ray observatory in the Southern hemisphere. The experiment, planned to be placed at an altitude greater than 4400 m, is primarily based on water Cherenkov detectors units and is expected to measure gamma rays from a few hundred GeV up to the PeV scale continuously over the Southern sky. As the only wide field of view instrument in the southern hemisphere, SWGO will complement CTA and the existing ground-based particle detectors of the Northern Hemisphere, namely HAWC and LHAASO, with a rich science program. The collaboration is currently evaluating different detector and array configurations and the site location search is underway. In this presentation, I will present an overview of the project, including science goals and plans.

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