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An Overview of the MSE Pathfinder Instrument and Science

Presentation #224.03 in the session Ground-Based Instrumentation.

Published onJul 01, 2023
An Overview of the MSE Pathfinder Instrument and Science

Over the next few years, the build of the Pathfinder instrument will be underway at the 3.6-m Canada France Hawaii Telescope. Pathfinder will augment the current suite of instrumentation and scientific capabilities of CFHT. It will also advance the development of the Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer (MSE), a next-generation instrument which is set to replace the existing CFHT facility in the late 2030’s. The baseline configuration of Pathfinder is conceived of as approximately 1,000 fibers that feed 2 low-moderate resolution spectrographs. The instrument will have a two-component deployment: a large format, monolithic integral field unit (IFU) mounted at the Cassegrain focus followed by a multi-object fiber system placed at prime focus. The IFU and MOS capabilities of the MSE-Pathfinder will enable the exploration of a wide range of science cases from cosmology to stellar astrophysics. Potential science areas of focus for the MSE-Pathfinder include time domain and transients, cosmology, and galaxy characterization and evolution. The MSE-Pathfinder will also provide the spectroscopic data necessary to maximize the science return from a variety of space-based and ground-based facilities. An overview of the MSE Pathfinder instrument will be presented and the science drivers for the Pathfinder will be discussed.

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