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The future of MOOG

Presentation #227.03 in the session 50 years of Spectrum Synthesis with MOOG II.

Published onJul 01, 2023
The future of MOOG

MOOG has been an essential tool in astrophysics for decades, enabling researchers to determine the properties of stars by analyzing their spectra. Let’s keep it this way for years and future generations of astrophysicists to come! Here I would like to present some ideas for the modernization of MOOG. Running MOOG as a web service, updating its codebase from FORTRAN 77 to FORTRAN 90, or rewriting it in Python are some options to make MOOG even more accessible. There is no future for MOOG without its users! I will provide opportunities for the community to discuss and evaluate the best ways to develop MOOG to meet current astrophysics’ needs. Let’s work together to identify areas for improvement, define priorities, and create a roadmap for the future of MOOG.

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