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Multi-messenger Astrophysics with the STROBE-X Satellite

Presentation #230.11 in the session Instrumentation for Space Missions.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Multi-messenger Astrophysics with the STROBE-X Satellite

The STROBE-X satellite is uniquely positioned to fundamentally advance the state of multi-messenger astronomy. With its enormous collecting area, high throughput, broadband energy coverage, and unprecedented spectral and timing resolution, it has the potential to make foundational gains in our knowledge of a wide range of X-ray emitting multi-messenger astrophysical objects. Here we present some of the key contributions anticipated by STROBE-X, including elucidating the physics of stellar compact object binaries, their mergers and remnants, massive stellar death, compact objects in AGN disks, and the precursors to supermassive black hole mergers.

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