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The CHARA array: current and future imaging capability

Presentation #236.01 in the session The Present and Future of High Resolution Imaging with Optical and Radio Interferometry.

Published onJul 01, 2023
The CHARA array: current and future imaging capability

The CHARA array is a 6-telescope interferometer situated at the Mount Wilson Observatory, in California, USA, with the 6 telescopes being placed in a Y shape to optimize the UV-coverage for imaging capabilities. The longest baseline is 330 meters long, allowing the resolution of elements as small as approximately 0.5 mas.

In this presentation, I will first present science results obtain thanks to the current CHARA Array imaging capabilities, such as stellar surface or inner disk imaging, with the MIRC-X (J- and H-band) and MYSTIC (K-band) instruments for instance.

I will then talk about the future imaging capabilities with the improvement implanted currently, including the SPICA instrument (visible), that will allow observations in the near IR and the visible at the same time with simultaneous observation with MIRC-X, MYSTIC, and SPICA, or the CMAP project that will add a 7th mobile telescope allowing a better UV coverage that can be adapted to different science cases, with long baselines up to 1km to get a better angular resolution, or shortest baseline, allowing a better imaging of large scale structures.

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