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Modeling the Double Detonation Supernova Progenitor CD-3011223

Presentation #303.01 in the session Stellar Evolution, Stellar Population I.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Modeling the Double Detonation Supernova Progenitor CD-3011223

Double detonation supernovae form an interesting subset of Type Ia supernovae owing to their characteristic sub-Chandrasekhar explosion of a white dwarf. In this channel, it is crucial for the white dwarf to have a helium rich companion filling its Roche lobe and transferring helium onto the white dwarf surface. Hot subdwarf stars in compact binaries are excellent candidates for such companions. CD-3011223, a compact hot subdwarf-white dwarf binary, was the first double detonation supernova progenitor candidate discovered in 2013. We present detailed modeling of this system using the MESA stellar evolution code. The observed parameters are used as reference points to model the hot subdwarf star in CD-3011223 as well as the binary system as a whole. We report possible evolutionary scenarios and the eventual fate of the system as a double detonation supernova.

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