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Importance of New Age Telescope for Understanding the Properties of Dark Energy (DE)

Presentation #326.01 in the session Dark Matter & Dark Energy.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Importance of New Age Telescope for Understanding the Properties of Dark Energy (DE)

Science is constantly evolving, and astronomy is evolving even in a faster pace. With new eyes in the sky, we are understanding the mysteries our Universe slowly and steadily. James Webb Space Telescope’s first image and spectroscopic data showed the star formation region of NGC 3324 which was earlier invisible to us. Looking into distant galaxies, stars and atmosphere of exoplanet is of vital importance for developing our knowledge. Which new generation telescopes (NGT) like James Webb Space Telescope will perform. We also need to know the information’s coming from space to us like gravitational waves, photons, etc. Though these energies reaching us may not reveal the whole truth as some of these information’s gets distorted due to the huge distance it travelled and other celestial events like gravitational lensing etc. Advanced LIGO observatories are now observing these gravitational waves and trying to decode them. These new age observatories and telescopes will of course help us to understand normal matter that makes up to 5% of our Universe. Though the above estimation may vary if our NGT could discover more stars and other normal matter. Still a vast majority of the universe is composed of a mysterious matter known as Dark Energy (DE) which constitutes 68% of our Universe. DE has been considered as the main reason for the exponential expansion of our Universe. To understand DE and its relationship with expansion of Universe better Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) was installed in Kitt Peak National Observatory. DESI will collect data till 2025 and try to map the Universe in a 3D format. The most promising telescope to be launched in 2026 and 2027 to understand dark energy in a better way is Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope. Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope is supposed to be incorporated at Lagrange Point 2 which is around 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. This part of space is well known for gravitational stability which will help the telescope perform its duty uninterrupted. Our paper looks into the work already done on understanding DE; the upcoming work that is being planned to understand the properties of DE. The paper does a detailed study on how DE is helping in expansion of the Universe and how the knowledge of DE will help scientists understand our Universe in much better way. Our paper also looks into all the existing telescopes and upcoming telescopes that will help us solve the mysteries of DE.

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