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Our Universe’s Riddles: Interaction of Dark Energy and Dark Matter

Presentation #326.07 in the session Dark Matter & Dark Energy.

Published onJul 01, 2023
Our Universe’s Riddles: Interaction of Dark Energy and Dark Matter

Dark energy is the universe’s primal energy. It did not exist before and will not exist after. Dark energy is the “substance” that makes up universal space. Stellar objects live in dark energy, a kind of superfluid energy about which we know little.While the standard model of cosmology has grown in prominence, other viewpoints have lately influenced cosmology. Beyond the model lamda CDM model, a possible possibility to investigate the interplay of dark energy and dark matter has emerged. This research provides a detailed examination of a new developing model of interacting dark matter-dark energy (IDMDE). In the field of cosmology, IDMDE is posing a new challenge. Where we know a lot about dark matter,our understanding for dark energy is still limited.With our paper we will be making a collection of all possible research done on dark energy till this generation.The study also discusses the model’s stability as well as its limits. We tried to incorporate many current research papers as references in this study, and we tried to describe the model from our perspective, with possibly new adaptive ways to make this model more stable.

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