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High-resolution spectral simulations of primitive galaxies

Presentation #333.01 in the session Galaxies and Cluster of Galaxies.

Published onJul 01, 2023
High-resolution spectral simulations of primitive galaxies

Recent observations by JWST of young low-mass, low-metallicity galaxies at high redshift as well as Hubble observations of similar galaxies at low Z promise to help us to understand the evolutionary properties of stars and galaxies in the early universe. They have also inspired new physics-based simulations and methods of analysis of observational data. So far, these efforts have focused on wide-band, panchromatic continuum properties of primitive galaxies. Here, we present high-resolution (R=20,000) SYNSPEC spectra covering 200-10,000 Å. These spectra are NLTE metal line-blanketed models interpolated from previous OSTAR and BSTAR spectral grids, and newly computed NLTE models for parameters beyond the ranges of those grids. The spectra are based on U. Geneva isochrones for rotating and non-rotating stars at 5 ages: 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 Myr. Each isochrone has 50-150 mass points. The output includes spectra of individual mass points, the stellar population and as altered by the ISM. We will show some preliminary results of this study.

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