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An AGORA-project Solution to the Missing Satellite Problem

Presentation #336.07 in the session Galaxies incl. the Milky Way.

Published onJul 01, 2023
An AGORA-project Solution to the Missing Satellite Problem

This iposter is a condensed and ChaNGa-centric version of an AGORA project satellite paper by Jung. M., et al. [Jung, M., et al. The AGORA High-resolution Galaxy Simulations Comparison Project. V: Satellite Galaxy Populations In A Cosmological Zoom-in Simulation of A Milky Way-mass Halo, submission to ApJ. planned for May 2023], The satellite paper, in turn, is based on the AGORA project paper III [Roca-Fabrega, S., et al., The AGORA High-resolution Galaxy Simulations Comparison Project. III. Cosmological Zoom-in Simulation of a Milky-Way mass Halo, ApJ 917, 64-1-24 (2021).], which was a set of zoom-in simulations by six coordinated teams of computational astrophysicists: a few SPH codes and a few mesh codes. At the heart of the satellite paper is the use of the dark matter (DM) halo finder program Rockstar. Additionally, the simulations in paper III were extended at great effort and computational cost to an approximate redshift, z of 2. The missing satellite problem [Klypin, A., Kravtsov, A. V., Valenzuela, O., and Prada, F. 1999, ApJ, 522, 82, doi: 10.1086/307643] was the existence of many more simulated small DM halos associated with a Milky-Way-size galaxy than observed satellites. The implementation of baryonic physics, e. g. hydrodynamics, cooling, star formation, and supernova feedback across all codes to sufficient resolution is source of the solution to the missing satellite problem. Monthly meetings of all the code leaders for paper III has insured that many idiosyncratic code issues related to baryonic physics were resolved in that publication. Additionally, these zoom meetings meant that each of the four calibrations steps required for paper III reached consensus before proceeding. In conclusion, this iposter will give an overview of the entire process that has solved this much touted satellite problem.

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