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UKIRT Hemisphere Survey Proper Motions

Presentation #338.01 in the session Large Surveys, Programs and Catalogs.

Published onJul 01, 2023
UKIRT Hemisphere Survey Proper Motions

The UKIRT Hemisphere Survey, Data Release 2, a collaboration of the United States Naval Observatory, the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy, the Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit, and the Wide Field Astronomy Unit at Edinburgh, has surveyed 12,700 square degrees of sky in the Northern Hemisphere in K band to a 5-σ depth of ~18.2 (see the talk by Bruursema in this meeting for a description of the survey). We have combined the K band survey with the prior J band survey, both astrometrically recalibrated against Gaia DR3, along with the Gaia, Pan-STARRS, and CatWISE2020 surveys to produce a deep infrared proper motion catalog. The production of the catalog is described and early science results presented.

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