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Data-constrained modeling of an active region with GX Simulator and EOVSA

Presentation #105.05 in the session Ambient Solar Atmosphere Posters.

Published onSep 18, 2023
Data-constrained modeling of an active region with GX Simulator and EOVSA

To facilitate the study of solar flares and active regions, we utilize the GX Simulator SSW IDL package, a modeling framework that combines 3D magnetic and plasma structures with thermal and non-thermal models of the chromosphere, transition region, and corona. The package includes a fully automated model production pipeline that, based on minimal user input, downloads the necessary SDO/HMI vector magnetic field data, performs potential or nonlinear force-free field extrapolations, and populates the magnetic field skeleton with parameterized heated plasma coronal models, assuming either steady-state or impulsive plasma heating. Additionally, it generates non-LTE density and temperature distribution models of the chromosphere, which are constrained by photospheric measurements.

GX Simulator provides the capability to compute synthetic radio, (sub-)millimeter, EUV, and X-ray emission maps based on the model. These emission maps can be quantitatively compared with observations, enabling detailed analysis and validation. The package also provides specialized IDL scripts and a graphical user interface with interactive tools to fine-tune the standardized models and achieve the best possible agreement between the model and all available observations.

In this presentation, we showcase a comparison between a data-constrained 3D model of an active region obtained using GX Simulator and a set of multi-frequency microwave maps acquired with EOVSA.

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