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Characterization of Chromospheric Swirls on the Quiet Sun

Presentation #105.14 in the session Ambient Solar Atmosphere Posters.

Published onSep 18, 2023
Characterization of Chromospheric Swirls on the Quiet Sun

Vortical flows spanning a wide range of temporal and spatial scales are prevalent throughout the solar atmosphere. Such events couple different atmospheric layers and are agents for mass and energy transfer to the upper atmosphere. Using high-resolution, multi-wavelength IBIS and ROSA observations from the Dunn Solar Telescope, we investigate a subset of solar tornadoes called chromospheric swirls from the solar surface to the middle chromosphere on the quiet Sun at disk center. These magnetic, propagating phenomena are commonly visible in chromospheric diagnostics, such as Ha 6563 and Ca II 8542, and are rooted in the photosphere by magnetic bright points (MBPs). We investigate the properties and dynamics of chromospheric swirls by analyzing their intensity signatures and using wavelet analysis. We identified 84 potential candidates and can reliably track 33 events throughout the solar atmosphere. Two pairs of these events are “twin” or interacting swirls. The observed swirls exhibit average lifetimes between 2 to 18 minutes and average diameters between 1.4 to 5.9 Mm. While most are associated with one or more MBPs, five events lack detectable accompanying MBPs. This study aims to characterize the evolution, formation, and morphology of chromospheric swirls.

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