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Initial Observations With the Upgraded Coronal Multi-channel Polarimeter (UCoMP)

Presentation #108.11 in the session Instrumentation and Data Center Posters.

Published onSep 18, 2023
Initial Observations With the Upgraded Coronal Multi-channel Polarimeter (UCoMP)

NCAR/HAO has successfully deployed the new Upgraded Coronal Multi-channel Polarimeter (UCoMP; Landi, Habbal and Tomczyk, 2016). It is a 20-cm aperture Lyot coronagraph with a Stokes polarimeter and a narrow-band electro-optically tuned birefringent filter that images the intensity, full Stokes polarization, and Doppler shift across coronal emission lines in the visible and near-IR. It has a broader range (530 - 1083 nm) than CoMP (1074 - 1083 nm), observing 9 emission lines (vs 3 for CoMP). It has a dramatically faster collection of the full Stokes polarization than CoMP, providing higher quality polarimetry and Doppler measurements. UCoMP also has a larger field-of-view (± 2 Rsun) [CoMP ± 1.3 Rsun], and 6 arcsec spatial resolution (CoMP 9 arcsec). UCoMP provides powerful diagnostic measurements of the coronal magnetic field and plasma properties. The expanded capabilities of UCoMP provide observations over a wide range of coronal temperatures. The larger field-of-view allows it to explore the magnetic and thermal properties of dynamic structures, such as Coronal Mass Ejection (CMEs), and ambient coronal structures, such as coronal cavities, pseudo-streamers, and the polar corona out to greater heights. We provide examples and descriptions of the variety of UCoMP data products and information about the calibration and processing steps used to produce Level-1 and Level-2 science data. Information on data access and downloading the User Guide is provided. We seek community input for designing observing campaigns that optimize the collection of observations needed to maximize scientific return.

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