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Using field-aligned flows to map the coronal magnetic field

Presentation #110.21 in the session Data Analysis Techniques Posters.

Published onSep 18, 2023
Using field-aligned flows to map the coronal magnetic field

The corona is a gigantic layer of rarefied gases that we can see during total eclipses. The problem with the coronal field is that we cannot directly measure it except for rare measurements above active regions. As a result, the current estimates are extrapolations from models based on various hypotheses, with the measured photospheric field acting as an internal boundary condition. Traditional methods for measuring coronal magnetic fields have limitations, which have led to the development of a new technique: using field-aligned flows. Field-aligned flows are related to coronal magnetic topology. The development of an algorithm based on the nonlinear force-free magnetic field (NLFFF) model assumes magnetic field loops briefly experience equilibrium. The aim is to establish a new method to improve the existing models of low-coronal magnetic fields. There will also be a discussion of the Sun’s magnetic field and its effects on the corona by utilizing field-aligned flows to map coronal magnetic field topology.

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