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Optimizing spectroheliogram deconvolution methods : MaGIXS - A case study

Presentation #110.24 in the session Data Analysis Techniques Posters.

Published onSep 18, 2023
Optimizing spectroheliogram deconvolution methods : MaGIXS - A case study

Over the past five years, new methods to reconstruct spectrally pure maps of the Sun from spectroheliogram data have emerged. In particular, with the rebirth of long-abandoned slitless imaging spectroscopy, one may obtain both spatial and spectral information over a large field of view simultaneously. Yet, depending on the size of the extended source combined with the extent of spectral dispersion, there will be locations in the focal plane where spectral lines from different spatial locations overlap and must be deconvolved. An unfolding method has been successfully developed and demonstrated on the recent rocket flight MaGIXS, which observed several strong emission lines (9 to 30Å) from different portions of two active regions. In the work we are going to present, we conduct a systematic investigation of the parameters that controls and optimizes the inversion method to unfold overlappogram data. We also demonstrate a derived method of the inversion that does not require previous assumptions on the thermal and ionization equilibrium and abundance state of the plasma.

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