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Spatially-Resolved Transport Parameters in Solar Flares

Presentation #112.05 in the session Flares and CMEs.

Published onSep 18, 2023
Spatially-Resolved Transport Parameters in Solar Flares

Individual peaks in microwave and hard X-ray light curves of solar flare can be modeled as an injection of particles followed by an exponential decay caused by various loss processes such as collisions, escape from the source, or other mechanisms to quench the emission. The injection profiles and decay times for spatially (and possibly temporally) distinct components of flares can be studied separately when imaging is available, such as the microwave imaging spectroscopy data from the Expanded Owens Valley Solar Array (EOVSA). Because the microwave spectrum depends on the energy distribution of the emitting particles, the multifrequency images provide a measure of the energy dependence of both particle injection and energy loss. We select two flares observed with EOVSA that have relatively simple temporal profiles and exhibit multiple source components. We fit their spatially-resolved time profiles with one or more gaussian injections convolved with exponential decays to compare their particle-injection and energy-loss processes vs. energy. Possible interpretations of the fit parameters as physical constraints on flares will be discussed, such as the relation of these models and trapping times to the magnetic field geometry.

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