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Small Events Involve the Entire Solar Atmosphere.

Presentation #204.05 in the session Solar Magnetic Fields and the Corona.

Published onSep 18, 2023
Small Events Involve the Entire Solar Atmosphere.

Here we discuss and analyze observations centered on a bipolar region of enhanced-network magnetic flux near disk center on SOL2017-03-17T14:00-17:00. The comprehensive data set comprises observations from SDO: HMI, AIA; Hinode: SOT, XRT; DST: IBIS, FIRS; ALMA; and IRIS; thus providing a variety of plasma diagnostics spanning the photosphere to the corona. We confirm the correspondence between the broadest width of the hydrogen-α spectral line and the hottest temperatures observed in millimeter wavelengths, which persist for the duration of co-temporal observations. We use these data to study the existence and persistence of oscillatory power with periods in the 3 to 5 minute range. Previous studies have found conflicting results on the existence of these modes in the ALMA data, which we suggest is linked to the spectral windowing due to requisite calibration observations. We also find that spatial maps of oscillatory power at 3mm display the pattern of magnetic shadows and halos typically displayed by other chromospheric diagnostics.

Finally, numerous transient brightenings were observed across the data set, and here we highlight transient brightenings within a set of thin filamentary features. One interesting event shows initial heating in the cooler (ALMA, 7000 K) before showing in the hotter (XRT, 3 MK) data series.

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